Home is at the wheel 
Experience Design

The Brief︎︎︎
A personal project to create a visceral experience expressing my love and childhood sentiment for classic cars, conveyed by recreating elements from my experience and the car itself.

The Approach︎︎︎
To establish a collection of material in a visual format to create a mini exhibition piece. The manual, generally, is used to instruct and break down all the pieces of a final product (in this instance, my MG). I want to apply this principle to myself as a person, breaking down my love for classic cars and where it comes from. the main aim was to create a visual exhibition that breaks down my love for classic cars, incorporating personal elements from my childhood. By utilizing different senses like touch, smell, and sight, this project immerses viewers in the history and sentiment of cars. This multi-faceted project includes photography, sweatshirt and blanket design, as well as publication design.

The Visuals︎︎︎