Album Identity and Creative Direction

The Brief︎︎︎
To create a visual identity for an upcoming album for a musician and close friend; Chloe Harman.
(instagram: @chloe.harman)

The Approach︎︎︎
By immersing myself in the album’s essence and the music creation journey, I crafted a cohesive visual identity where visuals and music harmonize. As the album is called Decay, I experimented with different processes of decaying and burning material. These processes included burning 35mm film negatives from the photoshoot, burning polaroids in a microwave, screenprinting and creating mushroom spore prints. The final album cover is a natural design of a burnt polaroid to create a decaying texture. This project includes photography,album cover design, vinyl cover, vinyl record design, industry communications and publication design.  

The Visuals︎︎︎