Brand Identity

Pearlfisher Design For Life competition finalist. 

The Brief︎︎︎
To create a graphic identity for a new product, service or organisation made possible by life on the red planet for consumption back on Earth.

The Approach︎︎︎
A sunscreen facial moisturiser inspired by the variation of time and radiation on Mars, that can also be applicable to other planets including Earth. Our vessel, our human body; is exposed to radiation every day no matter where we are. With the new NMN technology, as well as other Martian minerals like Tridymite Quartz that has skin healing properties, the sunscreen formula’s principle is to preserve our skin. Not only is the sunscreen important for life on planets, but it is also important for the transportation of our astronauts.

The Tone of Voice︎︎︎
The concept of "anti-aging" carries a negative connotation. Aging is natural, and we shouldn't be ashamed of it. However, with social media and cosmetic procedures, slowing down aging has become popular. Our sunscreen brand focuses on preservation and health, advocating for protecting our bodies instead of artificial alterations. Understanding the brand's purpose allows for a positive tone and a genuine brand identity.

The Visuals︎︎︎